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Synergy is a dedicated team offering a personalised service to small to medium sized corporate clients

Here at KTIB we have adopted a somewhat different approach to that of our competitors in the way in which we handle our SME business clients.

Over the past year or so a plethora of websites have sprung up offering 'end to end' on-line solutions, in much the same way as we have become accustomed to buying our car insurance. Package solutions to package business, one could say.

We have decided to adopt a far more hands on approach, where you are appointed your very own account technician with whom you can build a rapport; someone who will listen to your needs and offer policies that fit your exacting requirements. It's not that we are dinosaurs, far from it, in fact the policy delivery part is handled electronically so as to take unnecessary cost out of the equation, but the service you receive is personal to you.

We deal with literally hundreds of different types of businesses and if it's something a bit different, we will relish the challenge. Our claims department are not the usual post box you find with many firms, but experienced in their field, working with you to achieve the very best result.