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Tom Kelleher

One Broker Celebrates Blood Bike Groups on Appreciation Day

Members of the One Broker group, which KTIB is a part of, have continued their efforts to raise awareness and funds for local charities, SERV Norfolk and SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire. Staff from across the group celebrated the fantastic work the organisations carry out by hosting an Appreciation Day which involved staff raising money with an office Bake Sale and learning more about the charities through Fun Fact posters.

Known as the Blood Bikes, SERV Norfolk and SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire provide blood and medical product transport services to hospitals around East Anglia to ease the strain on NHS resources. The One Broker group has been a supporter of SERV Norfollk and SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire since June last year and has since raised over £2400 for the charities. In addition, this Spring staff have taken part in a host of activities to raise awareness and more donations for the organisation. These have included taking part in an Easter Treasure Hunt, attending presentations conducted by volunteers from the charities and raising money through the Appreciation Day.

Kerry Patterson, Associate Director at KTIB in Norwich, commented "We’ve learnt over the past month by speaking to volunteers from the Blood Bike charities that running their vital, life- saving service is not cheap. That’s why we’ve taken such delight in supporting the SERV groups both financially and by raising awareness to their work".

Gary Eagling, Senior Claims Technician at NWBIB in Cambridge, added "We’ve had great fun during the Blood Bikes Appreciation Day making, baking, buying and especially eating cakes to raise money! It’s also been interesting to learn more about SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire and SERV Norfolk and the brilliant work they do locally".

Published 11th May 2018

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