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Useful links

We believe the following websites may prove useful to you and come highly recommended by us:

  • www.askmid.com - to check that your vehicles are on the Motor Insurance Database
  • www.dvla.gov.uk - to verify information on vehicle and driver regulations from the DVLA
  • www.hse.gov.uk - Health and Safety is a major factor in the way all business operate - use this site to check legislations specific to your needs
  • www.vehiclelicence.gov.uk - a useful guide to check the exact make/model of a vehicle if you only have a registration.
  • www.environment-agency.gov.uk - keep up to date on flood warnings which are becoming more frequent
  • www.fsa.gov.uk - see the latest news from our industry regulator
  • www.rha.uk.net - keep up to date with matters affecting the Road Haulage industry